How to Install Minecraft Server on CentOS

Hey,Install Minecraft Server on centos

I am going to teach you how to install minecraft server on centos. To install it on centos 7.4 64bit server. So you need is a VPS 7.4 64bit.

After Buy Fast VPS from fastcomet, Now you need to connect to your vps and login to it’s root.



Steps to Install Minecraft Server on CentOS

Step 1. First of all you need to install some programs so I really make sure everything is update by run the following code:

yum update –y

this query checks the programs and if any update required then run following code:

yum upgrade –y

Step 2. Now we install softwares that we need

So first we install nano text editor by running following code:

yum install nano –y

Step 3. Now install wget

yum install wget –y

Step 4. Now install screen

yum install screen –y

To run server we need java, So install java by following code:

yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk –y

it can take little bit time because it is depend on server speed.

Step 5. Now we need to create a directory for minecraft and download jar file

mkdir minecraft

next enter into minecraft directory

cd minecraft/

Step 6. Now we need to download jar file by run following code:


Step 7. Now we are going to create a screen session by following code:

screen –S mcserver

Step 8. Now run the jar file

java –Xmx1024M –Xmx1024M –jar minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar nogui

If it fails please make sure that your java version is compatible.

If All done without any fails then run the following code:

nano eula.txt

and change eula=false to true and hit ctrl x then y enter

Step 9. Now you have to run following code again

java –Xmx1024M –Xmx1024M –jar minecraft_server.1.12.2.jar nogui

This query starts the server and you need to grab that server ip and openup your minecraft game.

Once the game open click on play Multiplayer and then add server by using server name and your VPS IP.

minecraft server add

Now if you want to disconnect screen session press ctrl a+d and hit enter.

Enjoy the Minecraft Server on centos using VPS.

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